The "TorusRing™ Gemstone" is a modern looking, carved and faceted gemstone with a cylindrical portion removed from the center. This unique cut allows a magnificent play of light in a gemstone, unobtainable by other means. Astonishing brilliance can be unveiled when a gem is cut as a TorusRing.

This exceptional carving technique presents another design option as well. A second gemstone, or diamond, can be set in the center of the TorusRing gem. The shape of the TorusRing gemstone allows it to sit lower in any jewelry design than a traditional faceted gemstone.

What is a Torus?

The torus is a primary three-dimentional form, an energy pattern that recurs throughout our universe. Imagine the still eye within the furious hurricane, the expanding and contracting iris that allows light to enter the human eye, or the glowing rings embracing the planet Saturn. In Physics, the torus is used to model the primal form of the universe. Mr. Lehrer's TorusRing gem-cut embodies this archetypal shape in one of nature's rarest natural materials.

Because the TorusRing gemstone cut is universal in nature and archetypal in design it harmonizes with any piece or style of jewelry. The TorusRing gemstone makes an excellent alternative to the classic faceted gemstone whether in a vintage antique or an ultra modern design. Used in bridal rings, unique necklaces, or custom earrings, the TorusRing cut will make any jewelry design stand out from the crowd, and can be cut from most colored gemstone materials. Please browse the variety of gem materials available in the TorusRing form and jewelry utilizing these unique cuts on these pages: